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  1. craiger

    craiger New Member

    My 2008 silverado
    I am installing an aux. trans fluid cooler in series to the radiator, does the upper or lower line supply the trans fluid to the radiator? also do the automatic trans cooling lines unscrew at the radiator or is there a special tool to remove them?
    thank you
  2. AllanB

    AllanB New Member

    hi craig

    your truck should already have an existing tranny cooler. I jsut upgraded mytranny cooler(01 silverado 2500) it had this small mickey mouse one, that gm say is for teh size of my truck>> but dont go up too many hills. I put in an after market B&M, you can cut the metal lines and tehn just hook them up with the rubber hose, pretty easy.

  3. toothpick

    toothpick New Member

    I haven't installed one on my 09 yet, the only tranny cooler installed in the one built into the radiator. From what I have researched and found here and other places is that the bottom is the out and the top is the in (mean that the bottom line is fluid coming out of the tranny and the top is the line to feed the fluid back into the tranny. I only remember because of the "stated reason" I have found, which is that feeding the fluid into the cooler from the bottom has something to do with reduction of bubbles and foaming of the tranny fluid. I'll leave it up to the experts to define, explain, or correct my post. cooler

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