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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by rileyjr16, Aug 27, 2013.

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    GM's factory coolers really aren't that bad its not like Ford who uses tube and fin coolers on their truck at least GM uses stacked plate coolers. Also it isn't too hard to install a thin aux fan in front of the cooler as long as you watch your clearances. on the late 90's trucks there's over an inch of space between the cooler and grill where a small flex-a-lite fan or pro-comp fan could fit.

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    Literally my cooler is the size of a large print paperback novel. On the sticker I have the HD trailering pkg. There is no way in you know where that cooler is what's needed to get the job done. I know, I just completed a 8,000 mile -8 month towing trip (5,500 pound travel trailer) with my truck, and if I would have done it in the summer months I would have had issues based on what my DIC was telling me.

    I am all for giving credit where credit is due, I am all for pointing out when as far as I am concerned GM dropped the ball to save a few bucks on a larger cooler. Of course GM points out that the new Dex6 has been tested up to 275 degrees, my question is how long will the seals last under such conditions?

    A fan will not bring the tranny temperatures down significantly-unlike a larger cooler.
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    I can see your point, as I did not have any heat problems until after I lifted and put the larger tires on. Re-gearing to 4:56s helped some but the extra muscle it took to move the truck kept my tranny temps higher than what they normally were prior to the changes. But then once I got onto the mountain roads and off-roading, my temps sky rocketed. Once I installed the larger cooler, temps now run cooler than before I lifted and added the larger tires.

    I guess this is one of those situations in which you need the right size for your needs. No sense in spending lots of money for something you'll never use but you certainly don't want to fall short if you're going to get up in there and do the work anyway.

    And nice to know about the fans...I've never heard of anyone doing that; good info!
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    alot depends on the weight and terrain you tow in. also how you drive the truck if you were to have a built truck with a higher stall and tow its a must. i have a 3200 stall and a fully built truck i couldnt even pull 2 quads threw the mountians before mine then i got the tru-cool 40k cooled and now i can pull my dads 5800 pound boat without worrying about heat.

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