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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by FinishLineAutoWorks, Jan 11, 2009.

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    could anyone offer some advice or info on this idea ????????
    i have a 1993 silverado K1500 4x4 ext. cab. and have had the trans (4l60e) rebuilt 3 times in one year by three different people including myself and it keeps blowing up, so i wanna chage this truck to a manual trans. i have a donor truck 1991 4x4 chevy short with 4 speed w/overdrive. my question is can this swap be done and what is the complication level. i am a 25 year experiened mech. also i dont what trans is in this truck , have not looked yet, but i have the computer and pedals. a complete donor truck.........thanx
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    i will be lots of less work to rebuild your trans once again but doing it right this time .. what happends when you burn you trans and does you clean your cooler and cooler lines when you are replace your transmissions ? .. and also when you rebuild your trans what does you change and does you use any old stuff from the burnd transmission ?

    what kind of torque monster you got installed in that truck ? .. cant belive you can use an manual transmission that is stronger then a rebuild "stiffend" 4L60E .. and even if you cant get an 4L60E to hold your mission you can always swap to the stronger 4L80E or if you are preperd to lose an gear an TH400 /TH475 .. they are strong
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    If you had this trans rebuilt 3 times than I think that you have overlooked something, like a clogged trans cooler is the most overlooked item. Try a trans from Jasper they work great and you can have them modify it to your specific use.
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    Try Jasper/TCI/B&M and the 4L80E like 2loud states. Some many questions here to answer before going forward. 4L60E were kind of load grade if you want to hop up the motor and these trans had a hard time taking the power........


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