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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by BlackBetty350, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. BlackBetty350

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    can anyone tell me if i can swap out my 700r4 tranny for a TH350 in a 88 4wd 1500? the 700r4 is the biggest piece of junk GM ever invented. i have replaced it four times. thanx for any input.
  2. Jimmiee

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    Yes you can swap it out. You will need a different adaptor plate and the 350 will have to have the correct 4X4 output shaft. The flywheel will probably need to be changed unless it's drilled for the 350 converter. The dust cover and dipstick tube is different as well as the TV cable. The front drive line will have to be shortened and the rear one made longer.

    All this work so you can loose overdrive?

    The 700 transmission is still being used today although it's now electronic. It's one of the best transmissions GM has ever made. The 350 had just as many problems in its day so I can not imagine why anyone would want to do this.

  3. BlackBetty350

    BlackBetty350 New Member

    Every Chevy owner I know has had nothing but problems with the 700. Even the dealer i go to says that the 700 was gm's mistake. I know a lot of guys with the turbo 350 and no one has had a problem with it ever. my 700 is electronic. and i could care less about the overdrive. its not a dialy driver. more of a toy/show truck. i dont know why anyone wouldnt want to do this. many people have told me to do it but i didnt know what was involved because i knew the tial shafts were different.

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