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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by 4x4squared, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. 4x4squared

    4x4squared Rockstar 100 Posts

    Hey guys, ive got an 86 K10 with a 700R4 trans and its worked fine until this morning. it will shift between 1st and 2nd just fine but wont go into drive or overdrive. its not slipping or grinding or anything, fluid and filter have both been changed recently. this is the first time ive had any problems with it. any advice is much appreciated and thanks in advance!
  2. greg1944

    greg1944 New Member

    700 trans has a Govenor on the rear left under a round cover! remove cover, remove govenor! just pulls out! has a plastic gear! look for sign of a bad, broken , or worn gear! Also the Govenor has a piston that moves inside, can be seen thru govenor! Should move up & down Freely when "Ears" are moved in & out!
  3. 4x4squared

    4x4squared Rockstar 100 Posts

    ok ill check that out in the morning thank you
  4. greg1944

    greg1944 New Member


    will be at Grandmas for Christmas , if you need more info, will get back to you this afternoon or monday! Greg
  5. greg1944

    greg1944 New Member

    Have any Luck? Find anything?
  6. 4x4squared

    4x4squared Rockstar 100 Posts

    Haven't got around to it yet, had some stuff come up. I'll try to take a look tomorrow and post as soon as I do.
  7. ShadowRejects

    ShadowRejects Rockstar 100 Posts

    I had transmission problems awhile back, Just like yours, out of no-where i had troubles shifting, ended up having to have it rebuilt, it cost an arm and a leg though :grrrrrr:

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