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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Atwiss, Oct 4, 2013.

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    He guys I'm new to the forum and had a question. Alright so here's the problem, I got the infamous pin hole in my t case. I didn't catch it soon enough, so that t case is junk. But i found a t case from one of our family friends for $100. It's out of a 1999 silverado. They are both 246 gm new process but the hook ups on the encoder motor are different. Mine has one 7pin hookup and the other has 2 connectors one with 4 pins and one with 3 maybe? (Forgot) but anyways and they have different gears one is kind of like a sprocket and the other is like a circle with 2 flat sides. Is there any way around this? Could I possibly take them both apart and just switch the gears? Or any ideas on a way to make this work? I need help ASAP. Thank you PS it's a 2003 gmc Sierra 1500 5.3
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    I would call the scrap yard for more info. with the connectors/sproket different this will be.

    I would have your original transfercase repaired. being a common problem repair shops have the info on preventing this . call around for a shop to do this with the knowledge of correctly making the repairs.

    probably 1200/1500 job...

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