Transgo Reprogram Kits What A Pain in A**!

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Magna86, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Alright with all the review on those reprogramming Transgo kits I bit the bullet. My truck had unknown mileage on trans and what hard shifting 1-2 and coming out of gear. So as they advertise the easiest kit to install. What a joke! :no: I was a mechanic in my previous life and have rebuilt automatic transmissions. So I thought I it would take me an hr maybe 2 to get it installed. Nope lets try 5hrs! :grrrrrr: If I had to do this again I'll pay the trans shop $100 to put it in! First off the directions that come in these kits are a joke and don't follow each page. There is not parts list as to what is in the kit or a tools required list. I was going crazy to find the decimal drill bits for the separator plate only to find them in the kit! All the directions show are 2 pics of the drill bits and the size but no where does it say included in kit. I ended up doing the work half on my back and half in the air as you have to remove the Trans mount to get to the pan bolts. The angles to get some parts out are narrow and not much room. The springs were poorly painted so sometimes you are second guessing yourself its the right one. Then what really threw me was it says our trucks should have 7 checkballs in the valvebody and 1 in the trans on top of separator plate. Well my truck has 6 in the valve body and 2 in the trans! Even though I had the drain pan under it as I removed the valvebody and checked the fluid with my hands to makesure I didn't dump one it was no where to be found? I spent an hour looking all over the floor to make sure the little booger didn't go rolling somewhere and me not see it. Then I was putting in a valve and it wouldn't go in. After double checking I got it to go in but it sat 1/4 above the c-clip and wouldn't spring back like the old one did. So I was like great hopefully when pressure is in the trans if will move. So finally got it all back together and filled her up. Started and waited for some good awful noise but she just purred!!! :great: Ok done ranting but just wanted to let other know about these kits!

    Now for the good news I found a faulty trans speed sensor that may have caused some of the trans behavior before. When I dropped the pan it was great inside with not metal or heavy sediment/clutch particles!!! Now I took her for a drive and she behaved perfectly!! Shifts like butter and will hold all gears till you upshift!!! I recommend installing 2 plates for the firmer shifts. I only installed 2 but I;m happy. Have a 6hr road trip today so see how it behaves. So I recommend the kit but not installing it yourself!

    Good Morning:lol:

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