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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by daddytech, May 27, 2008.

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    Just had the transmission for my wife's 98 suburban rebuilt by a really good GM mechanic got it all put in after breaking off the plug end for the left side O2 sensor and then the transmission cable doesn't work right. The little plastic guide sleeve inside the rubber spring boot that runs down the side of the transmission was broken and it would not allow you to put the truck in park. does anyone know of a good place other than the expensive dealer or a worn out junk yard part to get that cable replaced?

    Usually ebay is our best friend even for obscure parts but this time that is not the case. was able to drive the truck a couple times and it shifts smooth and all but won't go into park at all now because the cable just bows instead of staying stiff and pushing the gear arm to the park position. I really want to get this going because she's driving my tahoe and i want it back BAD!!!! I didn't by a tahoe to let someone else drive it. that's my baby and i only get to drive it at night at the moment and some time on the weekends. This cable is the last thing we need to have her going again so the quicker someone helps me the faster my butt will be back in my heated leather seats again.

    thanks in advance,

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