Transmission cooler and radiator airflow

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    Every post I read on transmission coolers says the optimum placement is in front of the radiator. My a/c condenser covers half of the exposed radiator area; if I put the trans cooler in the space that's left; will it impede radiator air flow?
    Also I plan to install an electric fan; will I need to keep the OE fan shroud?
  2. NastyZ28

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    No & No.
    I had a 90 suburban. Factory oil cooler was fitted in front of condenser on left side of truck. I added a trans cooler to the right side of the truck. No cooling problems at all. The aux cooler will unload some of the heat transfer the radiator was trying to perform as well. So it's an effective improvement.

    99% of all electric fans have a shroud built in. So the shroud for the mechanical fan is unnecessary. Its function is to guide air around that fan, and keep objects (like your arm) out of the fans path. So if you get rid of the fan you can get rid of the shroud. I'd be careful about "upgrading" to an electric fan. You need to make sure your new fan moves as much, or more air than the blade you've got. Especially if you sit in traffic a lot.

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