transmission electrical problems, suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by kawasaki_kid, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Got in the ole 98 silverado this morning, no gear indicator light, hard shift(shudder) into D, and apperantly stuck in 3rd gear. just had my trany totally rebuilt in july($1700), so i call the Mech. for warrenty. Turns out im on day 93 of a 90 day warrenty, good guy is gonna help me out anyway. I explain the symptoms he tells me tranny is fine, its electrical. so i go get the codes read and this is what it said...

    -02 heater circut malfunction(non related i assume)
    -TCC circut malfunction
    -Shift solenoid A circut electrical
    -Shift solenoid B circut electrical
    -Manufacturer control transmission
    -Shift/Timing Solenoid Malfunction

    I have been told its likely a problem with a power wire. Has anyone had expearience with this before? where should i start looking? or should i just take it in to a mech?
  2. kawasaki_kid

    kawasaki_kid Rockstar 100 Posts

    well turns out it was the ignition switch, or a problem in its harness. i wouldnt be suprised if it were a wire, looks like there had been 2 previous remote starter installs, as well as my manditory vehicle immobilizer. i had to rewire my immobilizer into the new harness. $240 for the harness and switch(AC Delco) from the local parts place(piston ring), seems like a lot for some wires and a switch. asside from figuring out all the immobilizer wiring, the hardest part was removing the ignition tumbler to get the colomn shroud off, just ended up cutting/breaking it off, or the tamper proof bolts on the switch itself, just used needle nose to get them out. im glad i did it myself, but wouldnt recommend it to anyone unless theyre very persistant and mechanically minded.

    thanks for the great input and help everyone.

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