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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Casey10, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Need some advice from the people much smarter than me when it comes to vehicles.

    We have a 2004 Suburban with 122K miles on it. This has been a fantastic vehicle, one I'm hoping to hold onto for much longer.

    This evening my wife was heading to the grocery store when just a few blocks from my house the suburban shifted into something like neutral. She moved it into multiple drive slots with no luck. She finally shut the engine down and started it back up and with no luck, but when she put it in reverse, it kicked into gear and she was able to put it in drive and get it home.

    I then took a spin and the same thing happened to me. This time I shut the engine off and it would not go into gear immediately. After sitting for a couple of minutes I then got it to engage and get it home.

    Transmission fluid is fine (just had the oil, etc. changed yesterday).

    Have I lost my transmission or is it something else?

    any help is appreciated!
  2. stephan

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    Hi Casey, Welcome to the GM Truck Club. If you just had the trans fluid & filter changed yesterday & now today you're having this problem, I think your filter is sucking air. This could be due to multiple reasons, but you need to either take it back to the shop or r&i the trans pan & look at why it's sucking air at the filter.
  3. Casey10

    Casey10 New Member

    I think I misspoke...we didn't have the transmission fluid changed, just checked during the normal oil change.

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