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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by patconva, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. patconva

    patconva New Member

    Okay folks, I need some of your brainpower and experience.

    I have a 97 Suburban 1500 w/ 196k miles. Last fall I had a GM remanufactured trans installed by the dealer. (I like the warranty)

    I've got about 7,000 miles on it since the install. Last weekend I noticed a very large pool of bright red fluid under the truck. Had it towed to the dealer and they replaced the pan gasket.

    I drove about 50 miles and this morning discovered a fresh pool of trans fluid. Towed it back to the dealer. They just called and said they can't find a leak !! According to them the fluid levels are normal, they have it on a lift and running and cant find a thing. They are going to keep it on the lift and check again Monday morning.

    Any ideas? My original suspicion was lines to the transmission cooler. They were flushed but not replaced as part of the install. Could it be something that requires the transmission to run under load to reach a certain temperature? Is there a temperature cutout that keeps the trans fluid from going to the cooler before a certain temp is reached?

    I've had pretty good experiences with this dealership service department ... they havent tried to feed me BS in any of my previous experiences. I just would like your ideas so I know enough to call BS if it does show up.

    Thanks ... Pat
  2. stephan

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    I wouldn't throw the BS flag on them just yet Pat. Sometimes leaks are slow & take sitting overnight to show up. I think since they're keeping it over the weekend they'll find a nice red spot Monday morning :)
  3. tbplus10

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    Just the fact that their going to leave it on the lift say's to me their serious about your concerns and not ready to say you were seeing things.
    Theres a couple things that could cause this like over servicing or as you said maybe it got extremely hot and foamed up the fluid but I'd also look at the tail shaft and pan areas real well. They should be able to find some sign of leakage if it's leaving puddles.
    Maybe its envious of Harley Davidson motorcycles, they always mark their spots.
  4. Ethan

    Ethan Rockstar 100 Posts

    Did you have the slip yoke replaced as well? That slip yoke has 196k miles of wear on it, while the transmission doesn't, could cause a significant leak. If they replaced the pan gasket correctly, the only other places it can leak are from the speed sensor, or the tail shaft housing, mainly the tail house busing.
  5. patconva

    patconva New Member

    Well the latest update: After the weekend at the dealer, sitting either on the lift or in the lot, they still cant find the leak and continue to claim that the levels are normal. Now, I have pictures of the leak, and the darn thing was dripping on the tow truck, so I'm not cracking up (well, no more than normal).

    I only got to put about ten miles on it since I got it back, but will go put some miles on it tomorrow - try to stress it a bit in this heat.

    My suspicion ? There had to be some sign of a leak considering how much was dumped on the ground. Could well be they screwed something up replacing the gasket (or missed it completely) and dont want to admit it. Maybe GM wouldnt honor the second warranty claim ... who knows?

    Stay tuned !
  6. GM Customer Service

    GM Customer Service Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    I can also look into this issue further. In order to do more research, I will need some more specific information from you such as your name, address, phone number, the VIN for the vehicle, current mileage, and dealer name. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me either on the thread or via private message. Thank you.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  7. patconva

    patconva New Member


    Looks like the leak is indeed okay, whatever the cause. Saturday I moved my daughters - 100+ miles pulling a large U-Haul trailer on a relatively hot day. Lots of stop and go driving ... everything performed normally.

    I love a happy ending ...
  8. CapitalTruck

    CapitalTruck New Member

    I hate crap like that. It would stay on my mind for at least a couple of weeks. Did you ever actually go under the vehicle an poke around? You could probably locate it. However, maybe like you said it did indeed stop. Wouldn't that be sweet.

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