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  1. DutchTBI

    DutchTBI Rockstar

    Does a 5.3 2001 Tahoe with automatic transmission ( and tow/haul function) have a transmission oil cooler?
  2. cafs

    cafs New Member

    If there is one , you can see it thru the grill. Its attached to the radiator and looks like a smaller version of a radiator.

    If you dont have one on now , they are a fairly easy add-on for a DIY
  3. unplugged

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    Follow the lines from the radiator to the transmission

    My 93 burb has the transmission cooler and an oil cooler built into the radiator. You can add aftermarket coolers to improve cooling. It is a good idea to keep the stock cooler in place and plumb the new cooler inline. To find yours, check your radiator for lines and you should be able to follow them back to the transmission. You can also add a transmission pan with built in cooler tubes.

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