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    Hey there , Info to help those with a 1990 Chevy Suburban 1500...700R4 tranny with a Shift linkage stuck in Park...First disconnect the shift linkage from the tranny, if you cant move the linkage at the side of the tranny then you know the problem is in the tranny, not to worry...Next drop the pan see how things look at the shift selectror (rooster looking part) from there, you will see a rod leading to the rear of the trannsmission, this is your Park Rod.....this rod has a widened end (not much , just kinda enlarged a 1/16 of a inch then the shaft it's self.) This keeps the bell end from going to far and getting stuck. if you can wiggle this and get the shift selector to move (with pan off) then chances are your shift rod has allowed the bell end to go that extra 1/16 of a inch and will get stuck as soon as you put it into park. This part should be NEW in every re-build but from my (week in hell, under my suburban to find this out) most tranny shops look at it durring the re-build and unless it's bad at time of re-build it gets put back in. The shifty rod is about $20 bucks.....Luckily this can be done under the car with the pan removed...when you seperate the shift linkage from the tranny you will know which end of the linkage is messing up. Either the collumn shift has a bind or it's in the tranny.....I had my tranny re-built 30K miles ago and then the shift rod wore out, kinda a bummer, but not a bad issue as far as tranny problems can go....hope this helps others..

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