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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by TDCulbyy763, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. TDCulbyy763

    TDCulbyy763 New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this whole thing and I just need some help on figuring out the normal trans temp on my 2008 silverado 1500. I've noticed lately that it'll warm up to about 200°F, is that normal? What happens if it gets even hotter? I bought it used about 8 months ago so I want to make sure my unicorn is always satisfied!
  2. poncho62

    poncho62 Active Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    Right now (winter), it depends where you live. I take it you are in a warm climate. Here, it has been a cold winter, mine hasn't gotten above 125-150 all winter
  3. ajarman

    ajarman Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    My '08 with 33's, 3k stall and tru kool 40k sits about 80° above ambient. If you are seeing 200° without ragging on the truck something is wrong.
  4. TDCulbyy763

    TDCulbyy763 New Member

    Where should I take it to be looked at?
  5. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    The tranny may just need a fluid change to fix the issue. As the fluid ages it loses efficiency causing more friction and more heat. Just replacing the fluid and filter may be enough to fix the issue.
  6. TDCulbyy763

    TDCulbyy763 New Member

    Thank you so much for your help y all
  7. ajarman

    ajarman Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Like said above the fluid and filter change might help, but deffently would not hurt. If you are running larger tires and you happen to have the factory 3.08 gear that might increase the temp as well.
  8. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    the temp should not be 200 deg f. 160-180 deg f is normal operating in a normal load condition at legal speeds.... My guess is the transmission is slipping. also the filter maybe plugged and this with old fluid will cause low pressures that cause the slipping and then the extra heat.

    what is the engine temp ? should be 190 deg f ..............
  9. TDCulbyy763

    TDCulbyy763 New Member

    Okay, I'm due for new fluids for my truck so I'm guessing that is what's happening. But the engine temp sits around 190 to 200 F .. The trans isn't slipping though so I'm guessing it needs new fluids.
  10. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    you cannot sense this slippage effect yet! If its slipping then you get the added higher temps.. As this continues it will then drop gears.

    this is a good tool [temp tranny ] to alert the operator that the transmission is in need of some work... hopefully you will just need some new dexronVI and a filter...

    engine temp should not be 200 or more deg f.

    I hope your where it is above 80 deg f air temp....because if it is 10 degf and you have 200 deg f tranny temp you could be in an expensive fix.
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