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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by TDCulbyy763, Feb 24, 2014.

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    Also, if you have a trans cooler then maybe check to see it is clean for air flow.

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    There is alot of misinformation posted on this thread. First, Rayvoy's chart is twenty years old. It does not take in to account today's synthetic transmission fluids that are designed to be able to run at much higher temperatures. The Dexron 6 transmission fluid can run up to 285 degrees. I have the source link-but it is a competitive forum to this one, so I don't know if I could post this. It was a question posed to Trailer Life magazine and answered by a GM engineer. If the the ambient temps are over or near 100 degrees, you will see temps over two hundred in your transmission. It seems to be an INTERNET THING that you transmission will blow apart at temps much above 200 degrees....simply NOT TRUE.
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    Thank you very much for that. I'm going to go ahead and call chevrolet and talk to them
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    I think we can all agree that running a trans at 175 is better than 275.....:neutral:
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    The temp of 200 deg f is too high with this vehicle. most as I mentioned operate at the 175 deg f , not 285 deg f. many have transmission failures with the continued operation at 200 deg f and above. the transmission has many parts ELECTRICAL that get heat damaged. the hotter the electric solenoids they tend to get damaged. evey one knows that the hotter a transmission operates above the designed temp the sooner the fluid is damaged , and a loss of transmission pressures. since he has this high temp with this vehicle ,,, HE HAS A PROBLEM.............

    you have you opinion I have my opinion.. good luck with the 285 F temps.

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    You will run at least 80 - 100 degrees above ambient temperature-hotter if you are towing. The manufacturer makes the transmission and the fluid to hold up under higher temps. It's not a matter of's what is stated by GM.
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    what was posted here on this is that his temps are not normal with this vehicle. 100 deg f + 80degf =180 deg f .. this is good.. when you get to 200 deg f all the time with this vehicle then you have something wrong....

    I just posted this because someone might think your idea of 280 deg f is a normal temp... that's all ..

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    You are correct partially. My intent is to inform those who don't use their trucks as tow vehicles apparently don't know that RVers see temps over 200 regularly when towing. The transmission is designed for this. It takes a little research to know this, since GM fails to mention in their manual what the NORMAL TOWING TEMPERATURE is supposed to be. And your transmission will not blow up, as I have towed my travel trailer (5,500 pounds) 8,000 miles in 8 months and did see temps climb above 200 when the conditions warranted it. I now have 40,000 miles on my 2011-Crew Cab. I never said 285 is normal-let me clarify,the fluid and transmission have been tested under severe conditions to 285. I believe at 275 your DIC will tell you to pull over and cool your transmission, so it would seem GM deems your transmission too hot at 275 degrees.
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    the GM OEM tranny temp gauge only goes up to 260 deg f. . so If it is pegged then I would hope that even you would agree that this is very wrong..even if towing a properly sized/wt load with in the vehicles operating capacity...

    the member asking these question never stated any towing temp issues.. I will add that normal operating temps with many when the air temp is 40 deg f is below 160 deg F...

    on engine temps if your operating @ 230 deg F all the time the check engine/overheat light will not come on but you know that this is damaging your engine.. so the idiot lights are there to report to the idiots that something is about to blow up and to shut down the vehicle now ...

    the temp gauges with trained owners are used to inform them when things are getting out of the norm.. this is when a smart owner takes action to correct this type issues .

    so if towing where ever you live and the loads you tow and the terrain. if your above 200 deg f best get a bigger tranny cooler... they have some good sized coolers with a thermostat to bypass the tranny fluid when it is very cold out..that way you run with the fluid never getting too cold..many use these with towing very large sized camper types that do load down the vehicle with plowing thru the air at hywy speed.. my 20 ft 4,000LB boat cuts thru the air great and with a low double axle trailer sometimes you forget its behind you..

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