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    the TFT failure code comes on @ 260 deg F. good luck with 270 deg F.

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    The point is 260 or 270 is along way from the 200 degrees and the misinformation everyone has been putting on this forum. Maybe there is something not quite right with the OPs transmission cooling. However, his transmission isn't going to "fry" at 200.
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    I suggest you read this gm service information document ID; 2553054. this document from GM states that the normal transmission temp as indicated by the dash indicator is 160-200 deg f.

    I stated with out this document that any thing over 200 deg f is not good. so I stand by my comments on this ..I also have provided to you , your request to prove this from GM..

    these temps are what most all owners have shared as being in the normal range. though some heavy towing in 100 deg f temps may increase this into an area above 200 deg f.. this happens most times when towing at high speeds...

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    j-cat.Look in the owners manual and tell me where it says what normal temps are when towing. If the ambient temp is 80 degrees YOU WILL SEE temps over 200 when towing. If anything over 200 is "bad" why does the DIC warning wait until 260 to come on? GM told the publication Trailer Life 270 is the max-so it would seem MY DOCUMENT supports the DIC warning at 260.

    (Hint-GM doesn't sts what is normal when towing).

    BTW-While I don't have any reason to doubt there isn't a document-the only place it's mentioned if you do a "google" is your post. I can't read it if you don't post it.
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    Go to the dealership they have this info... remember TSB means Top Secret Bulletin .. This is no B/S ! GM has all this in this document ...

    normal driving , normal temp is below 200 deg f on the engine and tranny temp....this is what is stated ... anything below 160 deg f is also not normal...too cold is also not good for the tranny..

    with towing GM would never give that info out...someone will tow 12,000 lbs up a steep grade above 10,000 ft at 70 MPH and the say GM is miss leading them ,, about how hot the fluid will get.

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    People post TSBs on forums like this all the time......
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    I have an owners manual too and it says the same thing. What it doesn't say is what is normal towing or what is MAX temp. See my Trailer Life reference above.

    We we have come full circle....have a nice day!
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    my guess is your operating above 200 deg f all the time with your towing in your area of high elevation and huge grades. the transmission repair shops will be grateful.

    in all my years I never saw any manual state what the MAX temp will be. I have seen what NORMAL temps should be . anything above the norm is a dangerous area.. the more your above it you should have a good tow plan ready.

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