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  1. tlperry68

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    On the freeway pulling 8.000 pounds while the ambient temp was 107 degrees the tranny temp didn't peg over 220 degrees. Keep in mind I have te Allison and the grades out there were not steep. I find the tranny temp typically ranges about 100 to 150 degrees hotter than ambient.
    If you are pulling through town you can put the tranny in neutral when you are at stop lights, this will help speed the fluid through the cooler and reduce the higher temps.
  2. 1st Synthetics

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    I do believe it is standard.
  3. msudmax

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    Hey guys got a quick question to add. I have an 03 6.6 Dmax AT. Just had some work done on the tranny and the shop replaced the old fluid with brand new sythentic stuff.

    Anyways, I was driving down the freeway on my way back to school not towing anything running about 77-78mph. The transmission Temp is running around 160-185 with the grill cover off. At normal speeds of 55-60 with the cover on it runs around 150-160 not towing. This is winter so I dont remember what it was runnng around summer as I just bought the truck in August.

    So reading some of the replys I feel ok, but just not sure. Thanks for any help.
  4. nickgiacalone

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    my 6speed on the gas motor runs about 110 when its mid 30's out.
  5. 1st Synthetics

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    Those temps are fine. That is about where mine runs.
  6. msudmax

    msudmax New Member

    Thanks for the responses.
  7. ChevyFan

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    This is a good reference discussion for the transmission cooler discussion that we're having in the Towing Forum.

    It is important to note that not all vehicles have the transmission temperature readout, I'm not certain exactly what the code for this is but it does seem to be tied into the AFM system as a pair, but even that might just be a coincidence.
  8. tbplus10

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    It rings a bell that you mention trans temp being tied to AFM, not long ago I was pulling a small trailer in an area with small rolling hills, a couple things happened at once that left me thinking.
    I was traveling down hill after a particularly long up hill that made the trans temp climb, the truck was running 4 cyl mode and as soon as the trans temp jumped up a little the engine changed to v8 mode going down hill.
    This was unexpected since after 2 years Ive never seen the truck go v8 mode down hill.
  9. K15 Blazer Guy

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    ive scorched trans oil before in a jeep... climbing a large cinder hill for about a mile lol
    if I ever get another automatic, its getting an extra capacity pan, a temp gauge on the dash, its own big cooler, and probably its own fan too.... a transmission is almost more $$$ than an engine now.
    keeping them cool is what get them to 300,000 miles and beyond.
  10. steved

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    My observations:

    My 2012 2500HD (6spd auto) runs:

    - 160*F unloaded, outside temperature over 90*F.
    - 185*F towing 3k pounds, loaded with roughly 1k pounds, outside temperature over 90*F, and hilly terrain.
    - I have seen 200*F one time, and that was towing at max GCVW in the mountains, outside temps around 75*F.
    - It might approach 170*F if I'm sitting in heavy traffic.

    I rented a 2013 1500 (4spd auto) last week:

    -180*F unloaded at 75*F, highway
    -200*F unloaded at 90*F, highway
    -220*F fighting heavy traffic at 75*F

    Between the two: I'm pretty sure the 1500 did not have a stand alone factory trans cooler, my 2500HD does. And the 1500 would unlock the converter on the highway (pulling a grade) where the 2500 would have either held the gear or would have dropped a gear (converter locked regardless).

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