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    Hi all brand new to the club.My transmission has gone out,176k not bad for ck1500.So a new one is going in.$1500 worth.I do not have a transmission jack though.Do you think i can do it with a regular jack if i have a steel plate welded so as to give it a place to sit.Or i have heard that you can use a ATV/motorcycle jack.Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.Can't seem to find a place that rents them. Thanks in advance Bill
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    Hi Bill,

    Welcome to the club. I have installed 4L60Es with a floor jack. It's not hard on a 2WD truck as you don't have to tilt it but be careful if you have a 4X4. They make a cool transmission jack adapter that sits on a floor jack. I have seen different ones but I'm not sure who makes them. I'll see if I can find some info for you. Also, you can always rent a jack if necessary.

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