Trouble Codes P0122 and P1122 on 96 7.4L vortec

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by rowekmr, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Just bought a 96 Chev 3500 CC DRW with 7.4L with 236K miles and noticed idle wasn't smooth and one time fluctuated. I cleaned out the TBI with carb cleaner with the intake tube disconnected (incl Mass Air meter), replaced the PCV valve (spraying cleaner in the hose to the manifold) and used CRC Mass Air meter cleaner on the the MAF and let dry. I washed the K&N filter and let dry. While running the engine spraying the carb cleaner in it the check engine light came on I assumed because I had the MAF disconnect (still part of intake tubing).
    When I reconnected everything the CEL stayed on and went off after I drove for a few miles then after a few stops I noticed the trans slamming in the 1-2 shift and the CEL light back on again. I took the truck home and disconnected the battery. THe next morning I reconnected it and drove it and the CEL was off. I made 2 stops (turning engine off then restarting) and about almost home the trans shifted hard again and the CEL light came on. I drove to Auto Zone and they plugged in the code reader that gave the P0122 and the P1122 codes with both TPS related one saying low voltage and I didnt' see the summary of the other one. I started up the engine and the CEL was off and drove home with no problems. I need to drive this truck today on a 170 mile trip pullling a trailer on the interstate with little shifting will this TPS problem cause bigger problems? What needs to be done?

    Thanks in Advance

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