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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by CRETE10, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. CRETE10

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    1996 Chevy K1500 Z71 w/350 vort
    hi im new to this site and i guess the reason for joining is because last week my truck kicked the bucket.....then i got it back yesterday and once again its trying stress me out

    about 2-3 weeks ago it started getting hard to start up till the last when it was taking up to 3-4mins turning over before it would start... so i was told it could be an ignition prob or fuel so i checked the pressure and it was @ 50psi then once it started around it got to 54psi so after that i purchaced cap and rotor the org looked original they were oxidized and very corroded and on top of that 2 wires were not set in all the way so lil prong inside cap was rusted and oxidized bad so i figured that was the prob ..wrong i changed
    fuel filter
    still was hard to start so i looked online and everything led to fuel pump so yesterday i got it back from the mechanic i did not get into it that hard so i didnt realize anything was wrong well today i did it just didnt seem to have the get up and go anymore well now besides it being slugish when i floor it it will not go past 3000rpms and does not have any power and backfires here and there if it does not bogg out.... wires are in order ive checked 4 times today just to be sure i have no idea

    when i bought the car it had a check eng light on and its been there from day one its the knock sensor code i dont have it off hand but... knock sensor bank 1 sensor 1... something like that when i purchased the truck it didnt have cats on it but i put them on to pass va inspection that about all i can think of if anyone can point me in the rught direction it would be great...
  2. Chevyboy96

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    You are getting no codes now?
  3. CRETE10

    CRETE10 New Member

    Still same code for knock sensor

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