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  1. dewfamily

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    I have a 2000 Silverado reg cab/short bed. The po had put 265/70/17 tires on it. It had the stock ride height. I bought a set of shackles off ebay and 'lowered' it about 2 inches. It still seems a little high in the back end. What can I do to get it level?
  2. dewfamily

    dewfamily New Member

    anyone? Could use some help. Do I need to raise the front alittle. If so, how?
  3. Jaele

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    You can remove the shackles and purchase a leveling kit for the front end
  4. Burden33

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    You can order another shackle or remove the blocks in the rear or do like he said and run a smal leveling kit
  5. dewfamily

    dewfamily New Member

    what kind of small leveling kit?
  6. dewfamily

    dewfamily New Member

    truck leveling

    Any help? What kind of leveling kit?
  7. UpsetProps

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    1. Park on level ground
    2. Make sure box is empty
    3. Measure from the center on your rear wheel at the axle up to the bottom of the wheel well
    4. Measure from the center on your front wheel at the axle up to the bottom of the wheel well
    5. Subtract the measurements to find the difference
    6. Purchase a front end levelling kit that matches the difference

    ex: if you measure 42" rear and 40" front you need a 2" front leveling kit. (I just made these numbers up, don't use them as a guide.)

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