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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by no0b123, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. no0b123

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    I'm looking for a good amp for my truck, I want it to power my speakers, and two 10-12' subs. I was told by a friend of mine, not to get something over 1000 amps because it will drastically drain my trucks batterie and I will have to replace it once every year :neutral:

    Everything is stock, but I did buy a new Sony Deck. My budget is about $150 dollars on one amplifier. I don't know anything about car audio systems, but have heard that brands like JL Audio, Alpine, Rockford Fosgate, and Kenwood are good amps.
  2. trenchwarfare

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    Holy ****! 10-12 foot woofers!

    *That would be 10-12" woofers.
  3. TahoeFever

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    :sign0020: i was thinking the same thing
  4. finalday7

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  5. no0b123

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  6. finalday7

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    Yes you technically could, but I'd watch out for overheating and other issues. If you only wanna buy one amp I'd make it a 4 channel. :great:
  7. Crawdaddy

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    They do make 5 channel amps, for specifically what you want to do. Crutchfield (|FF5@Channel#) has a pretty decent listing of 5 channel amps that should meet what you want to do. However, to power 2 10s, you'd really need 2 amps, one for the 4 door speakers, and one for the 2 subs. Subs want lots more power than a 5 channel can provide for hte most part.
  8. no0b123

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    And all this can fit in an Extended cab 1/2 pickup? If I were to get two amps in there, then what kind should I get for just the four speakers? I dont want my truck batterie to drain from all this power. Perhaps a 500 watt amp for the speakers and 1000 for the two subs?

    You powered 4 speakers AND two subs with one amp? Thats what I would prefer to do, but you have a 4channel amp. Are you recommending I get two separate amps, or one 4ch like yours?

    Im thinking a 500w amp for the speakers, and a 1000w amp for the two subs. I really would prefer to get just one amp :neutral:

    I'm really looking to power up my speakers for rock music, I don't need something that will set off car alarms. So perhaps something nice, but not overkill.
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  9. finalday7

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    Yes I did power all 4 speakers and both subs off one amp. I even had another pair of 6x9's on there for awhile.
    You will save a ton of money just sticking with one amp. I don't know if you plan on installing all this yourself but you'll save a ton of money eaither way.
    I bought my custom box from I'm pretty sure they have one for your vehicle. Their inexpensive but built really well. Great customer service so check them out. If you do decide to get 2 amps, make sure you invest in a good 1 or 1.5 farad cap. That will save your battery and stop your lights from dimming. Let me know if you need anything else.
  10. no0b123

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    Thanks guys. I went to the audio store today, and bought JL Audio TR650-CXI speakers for the front and JL in the rear. The guy sold me them plus a 2yr. warranty and free installation for $265. He said it was one of the best products he sells, and said the 2 way speakers will sound real nice. Did I get a good deal?

    I want to later buy a 600watt 4ch. Amp to power these speakers and get the sub woofers in a much later time (with separate amp). Currently, the speakers will be hooked up to my Sony radio/deck. Did I do well?

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