truck beat?!?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by jiujitsu, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. jiujitsu

    jiujitsu Rockstar

    alright guys i gotta i read another thread talking bout only 1 tire spining doing a burn truck wont even spin them,i have a 05 z71 4x4 5.3 i have bigger tires on there now but even with the little stock they wouldnt old ford would get it and i didnt have much of a concern until i towed my new boat and it didnt seam like it was doin that bang up of a job.could i have a beat truck or bad gearing in the rear? lemme know how all your trucks are because it seams to take off fast but i dunno...
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  2. 04sierracrewcab

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    I have the 5.3 and i can "chirp" the tires if i floor it off a light.
    I can turn a corner and get on it and they will squeal.

    Has your truck been "slipping" or have you noticed anything else unusual?

    &I fixed the post for ya. :glasses:
  3. GMC era

    GMC era Rockstar

    Mine will but I'm 2wd. Here's a video of mine.
  4. jiujitsu

    jiujitsu Rockstar

    ive never noticed it to be slipping i was alomost looking for a traction control button when i took off the line when i got it...hmm i might just say its slipping and let them look at it and gimmie some sort of reasoning
  5. Trask215

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    My truck wont spin the tires unless going around a sharp wet corner as well but I am running 35's. I think that a intake would help but. I can't wait to get a tuner. I had one for my dodge and it really helped. Then I figured out what I was doing wrong, I was driving a dodge! lol
  6. dwill3015

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    Do you have any mods to speak of? Intake. exhasut, programmer or custom tune are awesome starting points.
  7. dutzowmo

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    I have an 05 silverado with the 5.3L and the reason you can't spin them is because of the computer in the truck along with the locking differential. My truck has alot more power than my old one and my old one could spin them. Holding the brake then pushing the gas the my truck won't brake torque but you can feel and hear the computer limiting the engine. Nothing is wrong with the engine it is just the advances in the engine's computer.
  8. jiujitsu

    jiujitsu Rockstar

    the mod question all i have is the k&n air filter i ordered exhaust and i would like to look into a chip or something im just happy theres nothing wrong with the truck im not real concerned if the tires spin just wanted to know why thx for the responses oh an i do ave bigger tires on there now but it didnt do it before i got them with the stock
  9. bassalive

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    right on think we can answer that
  10. southernlunatic17

    southernlunatic17 New Member

    one wheel wonder

    hey i have a 05 1500 2wd with towing pkg. my truck has a limited slip with close ratios. Also mine boils both tires due to the limited slip.i have no problem with towing or spinning the wheels. i have 285/60/18 and i can boil them off. i think you may have a gearing problem with the extra size tire. but there is still a possibility that u just have a lemon on your hands
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