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Discussion in 'How-to Guides' started by mspa, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. mspa

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    I just finished testing out a bike rack I made for the bed of my 2009 Silverado. The lip on the bed is only about 1/8" so I had to figure out a way to apply pressure from the lip to the main cross brace where I mounted two Delta Bike Hitch Pro fork mounting blocks. I can easily put another mount in the middle, maybe even two, but as it is, I can place each front tire between the rack and bed and pack the bed for camping. Here's a link to my photos. If guys are curious, I can go into more detail and take some more pictures. The mounts cost me a total of $32.90. The hardware was a few bucks for bolts, locking nuts and nylon washers. I used a couple of 2 x 4 pine studs I had handy, a couple of brass hinges I also had, used a bit of elbow grease on sanding, Thompson's Water Seal, and pieces of inner tube on the ends to add friction for a tight hold. However, the rubber needs replacing with something a little better.

    Here's the thread link:

    And here's a quick pick of the rack installed.

  2. shurshot

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    Nice job! I might have to do this as I have been looking at racks and they are crazy on the price! I would paint mine black to match the bed though. :great:
  3. mspa

    mspa Rockstar

    Thanks! All the design ideas I found online required more material. But once I realized there is enough lip on the bed to serve as a stop point for the A-pillar, it become an exercise in measuring and fitting pieces. It worked like a charm once I got it all done. And I put too much water seal on so it took days to dry. I still don't think it's completely dry. I did think of doing a transparent black stain on it. Thought it would be cool. I may try to refinish mine once I figure out what I have to deal with the water seal that's on there.
  4. jcook90

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    I made one too, but I had was more concerned with downhill race bikes. I saw a similar rack in a truck bed once and found the company that made them, their 3-bike model was $340 or something absurd like that, so I built my own.


    about 40 feet of 2x4's, 3 hinges, few straight braces, and 3 long bolts/wingnuts. Works best with the back tires in it.

  5. cambertoes

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    re: bike racksare yakima bike racks better than swagman racks
  6. Vincennes02261897

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    Nice job! I went out to the trails a couple of times when I first got my truck and I ended up scratching the heck out of my bed and (worse) the bed rails. Obviously it's time for some Line-X Lining but that looks like a good solution for secure placement. Good post!
  7. Bigbomber

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    Some great ideas here!This is why i come to our site everyday.Thanks guys
  8. Als09Sierra

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    Nice setup. I was wondering why you hinged the upright beams, but with a tight fit, you obviously need a way to set it in-place and remove it from the bed. I like the simplicity of it. Very nicely done.
  9. mspa

    mspa Rockstar

    Thanks. I did hinge the uprights in order to get the frame in around the edges and fit tight under the lip of the top edge of the bed, which isn't much space. Next spring, I will revisit the rack and possibly come up with a new variation, or modify the existing frame.
  10. Als09Sierra

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    Keep it coming. That's a great design, simple and efficient. You could probably sell them if you wanted to. I'm sure there's enough mtb bikers in Seattle to make it worth your while. The trick is making them adjustable to work in different beds, different trucks, and with or without a bedliner.

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