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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by al96chev, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. al96chev

    al96chev Member

    Hi my truck is a 96 chevy k1500 5.7L. So I walked out to my truck today and the remote didnt work, so i open the door manually and then there is this fast clicking noise that does not stop unless i open the glovebox. The radio display barely comes on. there is a whining noise when i try and turn the headlights on. so basically i have no power. and when i tryed to start it...nothing.

    so i am guessing its the battery. i bought the truck a few months ago so i dont know how old the battery is. it doesnt really look corroded.

    also i just installed a cb radio and wired it into the radio fuse. could this effect anything.

    truck also sits for days at a time sometimes and we just had our first bout with cold weather

    what would you do?
  2. dsfloyd

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    first check the charge on the battery. Could definately be something that is staying on and draining the battery. any local parts store can typically see if the battery is bad. If you can jump it and get it running check to make sure the alternator is charging if it is shut it off and see how fast the battery loses the charge.
  3. al96chev

    al96chev Member

    nothing was left on. and the cb automatically turns off like the radio.

    so i dont know i dont have any jumper cables so cant get to auto parts store

    i guess ill throw a new battery in there and see what happens
  4. al96chev

    al96chev Member

    well i got a new battery on the 24th. have driven the truck several times and it was doing fine.

    now today on the 9th of nov after the truck had been sitting about a week i have no power again, it wont crank or anything.

    i dont know what the deal is whether the cb is draining it. but i dont see how it has been fine for a week

    could there be an issue with the alternator or starter?

    i dont know what to do at least i know the battery is good now. but if i get it charged up i dont want this to happen again. i think im going to get autozone to test my alternator or something.

    RATRODKING Rockstar 100 Posts

    dont go to autozone for a charging system check. they dont know what they are doing, at least here in my neighborhood.
    i have an old truck and it was doing the same thing that your truck is doing. good one day, maybe for 4-5 driving trips, then dead.
    went to autozona after charging the battery, and they said everything is fine. another 4-5 driving trips, and dead again.
    a buddy told me to go buy a test meter and check the system out myself. a fully charged battery is right at 12.7 volts, and when you start it the alternator should push the volts to high 13's to low 14 volts. if the voltage is the same running as not running, its your alternator.

    another quick check i always do is, while its running, take a screw driver and put it in the center of the alternator on the back side. if it acts like a magnet to the screw driver, its charging. if nothing, then your alternator is probably shot.

    hope this helps.

  6. dvharris

    dvharris New Member

    I would disconnect the CB completely at the battery and/or the fuse center. I had a 93 Chevy that did the same thing after installing a CB and it turned out that the connection to the fuse box was hot at all times, causing a drain. This would drain the battery in just a few days, especially during cold weather. If disconnecting the cb wires stops the drain then you know where the problem lies. If you had it professionally installed, i would tell them to test and re-run the connections.
  7. al96chev

    al96chev Member

    yeah i just wrapped it around a prong on the radio fuse and jammed it back in

    so that could be it. ill take that out and charge the battery.

    will any auto parts store charge a battery for free?
  8. vncj96

    vncj96 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    If you bought it at sears and its a die hard they will
  9. brianj

    brianj Rockstar

    1. Disconnect the neg terminal of the battery and connect a test light in line between the battery post and the battery cable. It should light up if you have a draw on the system. (this is with the truck off and the doors shut so the interior light is off, of course)
    2. Start pulling fuses until the test light goes off. On most vehicles , you will first have to pull the fuse for the radio, and some of them the computer will draw enough to set the light off. Not sure on your truck, but you will want to pull the radio fuse for sure, and possibly the ecm fuse.This should tell you what circut is draining your battery.(if you have a light that comes on with the hood opening, make sure you unplug that, too!)

    If your alternator is putting out at least 13.5 to 14.5 volts running, you have a new battery, and you are sure that the cables are good, including under the rubber boots on a side terminal battery, your problem is a draw on the system. It probably is the c.b., but you never know.Good luck.
  10. al96chev

    al96chev Member

    yeah i got it jumped tonight and shes doing good.

    i disconnected the wire for the cb so we'll see if that was what was draining it.

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