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  1. Well yesterday my sister was driving our 98 K2500 and it died after about a mile. I am not at home right now but my dad is, we would like to get this truck going again today or tomorrow. We are pretty sure we have spark, otherwise it wouldn't have went as far as it did. The battery is fine, still cranks just won't start. We thought about the timing chain but I would assume that it might try to backfire or at least try to fire on a cylinder. This brings me too what we think it is, fuel. The pump runs but I don't think it is getting fuel. Any idea's?

    Thanks, Chris.
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    Check the filter, then have somebody climb up and check to see if the tbi is spraying while you crank it (assuming it is tbi), if you can't see any fuel, hit it with a good spray of starting fluid...Crank it and see what happens. Check as many threads on here as you can...A lot of good info.

    Good luck!
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    Check the rotor button my 93 z71 did that one time n that was wat was wrong wit it that time or it mite be ur spider ingeion a buddy of mine truck had that problem
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    X2 on the sugesstions above, but don't assume that you have spark just because it made it a mile before it died, because it had both spark & fuel to get that far. Always check the basics first, & spark is easier to check than fuel pressure, & also easier to fix.
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    Check.. Spark----> Fuel-----> Compression probably no TBI on the 98, TBI's stopped after 95. 96 went to FI. try losening a fuel line a little bit and turn the key on for a sec and see if any fuel comes out or check on the fuel rail for a bleeder and push it in and see if you have any pressure. It will usualy look similar to a tire valve. Hope this gives you a decent place to start good luck!
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    It seems like something that is over looked, the alternator. You didn't say weather or not you had power inside the truck.

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