Truck load of the new Tesla S...

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    Not bad for $50-90K.. Saw these on Rt78 in Pa heading towards NJ/NY yesterday...

    Photo-0447.jpg Photo-0446.jpg

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    more info here
  2. Pretty cool ... The inside screen is huge lol
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    So, the owner of a $10,000 used SLT truck that gets 15mpg could buy 16,000 gallons of gas (at $5.00/gallon) and drive 240,000 miles on it ... without worrying about having to recharge on cross-country trips. (At 12k miles/yr that's 20 years of driving...)


    The owner of a $90,000 Tesla S could pay even more for electricity to charge it, could never drive cross-country without recharges, and would probably take the rest of his/her life to get a positive return on investment out of the vehicle from the fuel savings. It seems like a Prius for the rich, to me...

    I'll stick to gas, thanks. I think Tesla Motors makes nifty things ... but until they become reasonably affordable they make no sense for the average buyer -- there's just no ROI in them.
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