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  1. reggiecab2000

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    Id like to hear some of yalls best memories in your trucks, anything goes!
  2. AMac

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    Oh this is a good one, here goes

    When I was a little girl my dad put a pool in the back of his S10 for me to swim in at the park. This was the same truck where he would take me to a school parking lot for driving lessons when I was about 8yrs old. He would press the gas while I kneeled on the driver's seat (to see over the steering wheel)...and no I don't need to still do that...haha

    I also remember going camping with my parents and the first thing I had to do when we got to the campground, before I could go anywhere I had to button the snaps on my dad's tonneau cover. I got pretty quick at it but learned to hate those stupid snaps :no:

    I think I was about 17 when I bought my first truck, my own S10. Traded it in a few years down the road for a Chevy Colorado which kicked off many good memories of trail riding in my Chevy's. Lots of O'sh** how do I get out of this one. One night I got out of my manual trans. '05 short bed Chevy; got to my door turned around and saw my truck start to roll towards the neighbors house. Luckily I was able to unlock the door and jump in before it went down hill...literally, LOL. During that same period of ownership I had an '88 Chevy that had bad brakes, one winter day I slid into the side of the '05 Chevy and did some minor damage. Tried to avoid telling people I got into an accident with myself.

    In '09 I bought my black GMC Sierra which ended my thoughts of trail riding and I became obsessed about keeping it clean and driving more safely. So ultimately I think having a nicer truck helped to make me more responsible and appreciate the things I have. Wait is spending all your money on truck accessories responsible?

    Ahhh good ole' times can't wait to hear what other members have for stories.
  3. RallySTX

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    I remember going down highway 14, in my V8 S10, enroute to Madison to get my Morse Code exam done, when I heard on the radio, that the Columbia had been lost over Texas. I built the truck in the lot here at my place, over six months, with one arm. The ride was cool, cloudy, and the sound of engine, [usually enspiring,] kept reminding me that pushing the envelope can come at a high price. That was the first time I was actually afraid behind the wheel of it. As a Severe Weather Spotter for the NWS or aas a responder for FEMA, I could share many scary, and proud moments, but that's the one I put the most effort into. It was the hardest drive I ever took. The proudest drive was going home the day I graduated from BTC. Driving a 1981 brown Nomad van in December, with the window open, my arm out and up all the way, pounding the sky with my fist, yelling YEAH!! DRIVING WITH MY KNEES. The following summer of 01, I built the 84 S10.
    Brian L.
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  4. KyleZ71

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    me and two of my friends when up to my family's cabin after graduating high school for a weekend. During the time up there and all our shenanigans, we decided to take a drive to a small town in northern pennsylvania called Austin, which had a a dam break in 1911. since we took two vehicles, one being a mustang and the other my truck, we took the truck on the trip. on the way their we came across a rattlesnake sunning itself on the dirt road. so my buddies decided to mess with it for about 15 mins. after that we drove to the dam and explored it for about an hour. there my friend suggested we make a chevy commercial where i hook to the dam with my tow rope and we pull it down... i declined. after that we drove back to the cabin. on the way back i was going 50mph on this dirt road but forgot about this sharp "s" turn in the road. after the oh **** moment i peddled the gas and brakes to drift it through. after my heart slowed down we continued back. a mile from the cabin we came across a black bear and i decided if they can mess with a snake i can mess with the bear. after i chased it off we got back in and continued to the cabin. the end haha
  5. dogred

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    Back when I was 8 yrs old riding in my Uncles 77 F-150 lifted skyhigh (I was a kid) through the local 4x4 area north of St. Louis. My dad is driving through the dunes like a mad man thinking he was Bob Chandler or something. I had a soda in my lap, had my hand over the top to keep it from spilling. That was an epic fail, the soda ended up all over my lap. It looked as if I had peed my pants by the time we got out. It was a bumpy ride but me and my pops had grins from ear to ear. Later rode some 3 wheelers and made an all around awesome day of it.
  6. 07XCSB

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    My best ride is one of my chevy trucks was in spring of 79. I was 4 years old. My Grandpa bought a brand new Chevy Silverado 4wd. He let me pick the color. I was the first person to get to ride in "My truck". I asked grandpa on the way home "Can I have this truck when I get old enough?" He said "It's yours now, I'm just gonna drive it for you till you get old enough." LOL

    I lost Grandpa Dec 31 2005, I still got the truck and it still smells like his Old Spice.
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  7. trapstud

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    One of my fondest memories of a truck came from my dad's '89 F-150. He taught me how to drive stick in that truck in my HS parking lot. I also have many memories of sitting in the middle between my parents as we took road trips to trapshooting events in WI.
  8. UpsetProps

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    When I was young we used to go camping / water skiing almost every weekend.

    I can remember barreling down twisty mountain roads and my parents would have me crawl through the rear window into the camper to get them "road pops" out of the fridge.

    Also, when I was about 5 I was at work with my dad and was too scared to jump off the tailgate standing up so I would slide over to the edge and hop down. Well he was in the house working when I slid off one time, my pants got caught on the corner of the tailgate and I was hanging from the seat of my pants parallel to the ground below, screaming for help. My dad came running out of the house and laughed at me for a good 2 minutes before helping me down.
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    Good story :great:

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    haha...I think I could picture that, pretty funny! Have you overcome that fear?
  10. SurrealOne

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    My best memory in my truck is rated above a content level permitted by this site. :party:

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