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    My 2001 Subrurban just started this too! Mine is so bad that it feels like the wheels are falling off! My wfe was driving our other car in front of me the other day and we were on the highway at about 75mph. I came to a bridge(the small bump where the highway and the bridges pavement meet) and this thing shook so bad that she saw both front wheels bouncing all over the place from her rearview mirror and the car next to me even slowed down to get away from me...thats how bad it shoook. I immediately begain slowing down and as soon as I slowed to about 50mph it was fine. This has happened a few times now. My truck is completely stock. I had a shop do an alignment and they said it was out a bit but the outside edges of my 1.5 yr old front tires are completely rounded over.
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    Trucks shakes Terribly

    I had same thing happen to me in my Suburban a few years ago. Turned out that most off the front suspension pieces (pitman arm,idler arm, ball joints etc. were all worn and put together it was alot of slack in the front steering parts. I didnt realize how worn the parts were until I replaced with new parts.
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    Where did you get the replacement parts from? I work at a GM dealer (BUICK) but I can get parts for my truck...although they are expensive from GM. What year was your SUBURBAN?
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    That isnt alignment thats the camber, since its your outside of the tires it means the top edge of your front tires is constantly leaning out ward putting extra pressure in the outer edge of the tire, I am not sure which way is which but there is negative and positive, the other way would round out the inner part. i am guessing there is more then an alignment issue. first off find the issue FIRST, because you need new front tires now and if you dont figure it out you will ruin another 300-400 worth of tires. If you have to flip the tires around on the rim so the worn edge is inside and then have the shop do a camber check, check the ball joints, tie rods all alignment bolts for any damage that could have caused this issue
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    Check the tires also. If it starts to pull to one side or the other, you could have a partially seperated tread - and you don't want to be driving fast if it seperates. i had one ruin my inner fender and bent the running board.
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    Sometimes bad shocks will make tires bounce like crazy. i had a buick that you could feel the back tire bounce for a long time after hitting a bump.
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    Well the tech just came back and said he could find nothing. Everything is tight, nothing loose. He claims the ball joints don't have any excessive play either. I had him rotate the front tires to the rear so we'll see what happens now. I have my insurance all paid up! LoL

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