Truck Sounds like its misfiring..Help

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Crockpot, May 27, 2013.

  1. Crockpot

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    I have a 1982 K10 Pickup. V8 5.0 liter .Yesterday I left the house and went somewhere 5 minutes from home. Truck ran fine. Got back home parked it and was inside for maybe 1 or 2 hours. Went back out and couldn't get the truck to run. I would get it started and then it would run Absolutely horrible And eventually shut off. The past few days my choke light had been turning on and off even when I was driving. Also the oil gauge was bouncing around. I checked the oil and the dipstick was dry. So I went to the auto parts store and bought oil. I tried to start the car again and it kept doing it. I an replacing the spark plugs and wires today. Anybody think they know what could be going on? I though it may have been vapor lock so I let the car sit until dark when it cooled off and that didn't help. It is also blowing really stinky white smoke out of the exhaust pipes. Can anybody help?

    Just a second ago the ground for the negative is smoking
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  2. zippstripp

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    Is the ground smoking while trying to turn over?
  3. Crockpot

    Crockpot New Member

    Yes it is.
  4. Sirwriter

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    Crockpot, on some v-6's and V-8's there is an oil pressure switch on the back of the engine near the firewall. If this switch is damaged, or loose, then your engine will use excessive amounts of oil. Additionally, it acts as a safety switch to prevent the fuel pump and/or pressure regulator from coming on so the engine will not start and damage itself even more. If it were loose, you'd lose oil while driving, and the fuel supply would become intermittent (causing misses). After enough oil was gone, or the switch loose enough it would stop the fuel supply completely.

    Haynes says the best way to work on it is with the engine out. But if it were mine, I'd see if I could reach it by hand to see if it is loose or covered with oil. If so, I'd replace it.

    The ground sparking scares me, unless it is just not tight enough which will cause sparking on a ground. I'd probably take the ground off, clean any corrosion, lube it with white lithium, and then tighten it to specs. After then if it didn't spark while turning the engine over, I'd find that oil switch and check it out. Sometimes those things work loose, or you could even have a strong enough bump on the front end in a parking lot to damage it. If you don't have an oil switch, or it isn't damaged, sounds like time to check oil pressure and/or fuel pressure. That sounds like a significant amount of oil to lose. Or you burning or do you have some bad seals? Both oil and fuel problems like that together make me think of the oil switch possibility.


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