Truck stolen in North Texas

Discussion in 'TX - North Texas Chevy Truck Club' started by ChevyFan, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. ChevyFan

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    Saw this on Craigslist, just goes to show you that all vehicles are valuable for parts choppers / car & truck theives. It sucks because it's clear that some folks really spend time and energy and to just have someone take it undermines the whole concept for what this country is all about .

    Good to have a lot of photos of the truck so that you can easily help identify it should it ever show up somewhere.

    TX Plate: 98J HS4

  2. Darknesss23

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    That's why I have a 2MB card in my camera and i'm working on filling it up!
  3. brasscatz

    brasscatz New Member

    Owner of stolen truck in North TX

    I want to thank Steve from the bottom of my heart for his help in my time of need. There aren't many people left in the world like him. If there's anything I can do for you Steve, let me know.

    Please take time to follow the link to pictures of my truck.

    My truck was stolen from my folks' driveway in Hurst, TX around 11 pm on Thursday June 18th. Police reports were filed. We learned from the police that the night before, 3 cars were stolen (one was an '83 chevy pickup) and then mine last night. There is obviously something happening in the small town of Hurst. I moved to Houston about 2 years ago and had to leave my truck up there due to me not having enough room for it here. Please keep an eye out for it, it is a pretty noticeable truck, it's very loud (dual single chamber flowmasters). Thank you very much for everyone's help. Long live the GM truck!!! I will definitly own another one in the future, and DEFINITLY have it Lo-Jacked.
    Jim Fulbright
  4. 5speedsilverado

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    sorry to here about your truck being stolen, hopefully you get it back in good condition
  5. brasscatz

    brasscatz New Member

    Thank you very much, I hope so too.
  6. Crakums_GT

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    I wish you luck on finding your truck. I know the feeling. I had a 1952 3/4 ton chevy back in Tucson, AZ for about a week and it was stolen. Unforturnately the cops wouldn't help me out because I was still working on a title for it etc... They supposedly tried to find it but I never heard anything. Luckily yours has paperwork on it and stuff so best of luck to you. Keep us updated.

  7. larryleeUSN

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    i wish you luck on getting your truck returned to you in one peice. i have a 19080 K20 and i love that truck its like my baby. so i could only imagine how it is. good luck
  8. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Just doing what I can. I've had numerous break-ins and wrecks but never got one stolen, so I can only empathize with those that have gone though this. Maybe someone will see it around town (we've got a lot of members/visitors from North Texas on here) and we can make the news with an arrest from a car theif.
  9. brasscatz

    brasscatz New Member

    Thank you everyone. I'm almost at the point that I don't want it back.... It's gonna hurt too much to see what's been done to it. I know the steering column is already broken because of the steering wheel lock - my dad did catch him driving away in it and said it looked like he was having a really hard time turning it - can only mean that he broke it. I've been keeping an eye on craigslist for parts off of it, I built that truck with my own hands and will be able to recognize most of the parts on it. Again, If anyone sees anything, call the Hurst, TX police and let me know. I want this guy and any of his affiliates caught and punished!
    Thanks Guys

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