Truck/SUV Owners: Please post pics of aftermarket stereo here

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by wmkess, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. wmkess

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    I just bought a 2005 Silverado. It was a great deal and well taken care of, however, the stock stereo has a couple of the lights behind the buttons out and it won't load, read, or eject a disc. The truck has the Bose audio system in it so I figured I might as well get an aftermarket stereo instead of replacing with an OEM one in order to get more features/options as well as improve the overall sound.

    I've found a double DIN unit I really like but before I go through with purchasing it I was hoping I could get some pics of aftermarket installs from other members in order to get a better idea of how a double DIN versus single DIN unit will look in my truck. I'm initially leaning toward a double DIN unit because it will fill in the stock opening more completely and hopefully that will help avoid getting a mismatched look between the dash color and texture and the insert's color and textures.
  2. Pikey

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    There are a couple websites that you can get the CD part of your radio for around $115. You just pull it out take a few screws out and put the new cd cassette in.
  3. wmkess

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    Thanks but I think I'm sold on an aftermarket one. I can get the unit and chevy adapter for a little over $200. I want the extra features too like mp3 capability, iPod interface, hd radio, and the better sound you get from an aftermarket stereo. I just want a few pics to see how a double din looks compared to the single.
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  5. dobey

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    Be aware that on a lot of the stereos at that price range, you won't actually get all those features. They will be listed as "capable" but may require additional modules which plug in to the stereo to enable HD radio, XM, or iPod, or USB connection.

    Also, where are you getting a double-DIN unit for that low? Used, or older model, I guess? Most all the ones I've looked at seemed to be over $600.
  6. wmkess

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    I've only really looked on Crutchfield, which is where I've bought all my car stereos in the past. Here's the unit I would like to get...

    It has HD radio, plays mp3 discs, has integrated ipod controls, and has a USB and auxiliary input all for $180. It doesn't have satellite radio or bluetooth but I've tried satellite radio in the past and didn't care for it and I don't have a need for the bluetooth. The stereo adapter that integrates the radio with the chevy fearures like door chimes is $100 from Crutchfield but when you buy a stereo over a certain price, they include it for only $50 extra. So $230 in all which seems like a good deal.
  7. SurrealOne

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    Don't forget to purchase a double din installation kit for your year vehicle if the head unit you're buying doesn't come with one ... or if you are concerned about what it comes with.
  8. wmkess

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    That's the main reason I use Crutchfield, they provide all of the necessary stuff for installation including the installation kit for free. They also include the GM antenna adapter at no extra cost. I may purchase the plastic kit separate though. I read elsewhere that the the Metra Electronics kit from Autozone matches the GM dash a little better than the one Crutchfield provides and requires less modification to make it fit right. It's only $17 so I'd just wait and see what the one looks like that came with the unit.

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