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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by 09Z71, Oct 15, 2010.

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    well, as you know i had my truck for sale for awhile.

    well, I'm pleased to announce that my truck is now working great. i left the truck sitting on the driveway for a week and a half, and it got down below 0 degrees celcius overnight and i didn't touch it. i never thought the sound of a 5.3 starting perfectly would make me smile as much as it did. usually the truck wouldn't fire on all cylinders when cold starting. it ran great, and only a short piston slap happens when cold starting, which has always happened when starting since it was new. and also when cold starting, a fuse would blow. nothing. i left it for another week and a half and it got down to -10 celcius overnight. it started great. so i decided due to "attachment" reasons to not sell the truck, and hope for the best. the truck has a lot of sentimental value to me. i put a ton of time, love, effort and money into it and it was the vehicle that got my wife to the hospital when my daughter was born. i know i would feel like I'm making a horrible mistake seeing it being driven off by another guy, and I'd probably end up begging the guy to have it back. after all, i do make some dumb decisions sometimes.

    so, i am hoping there will be no problems with it from here on in, because practically the entire computer and battery was replaced. and so far, it's been starting and driving just fine. so i think it deserves it's spot in the garage back.
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    Hope for your sake you don't have anymore problems as i know you have had a few.Good to hear that she is running like a new truck should.

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