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    So upsetting :(. I'm finally putting a lot of time into my truck and I can't find a single event out here in North Dakota to take it to.
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    We went to the 1st annual truck and Jeep fest in Canfield, but we missed last year because of my dad's hip surgery. There were a ton of truck's there, but it was mainly Jeeps which was nice for a change. They had rock crawling course beginner and intermediate, and they also had a mud pit that was a blast to watch. I am hoping to go this year with my truck, but I will let you know what happpens.

    Every year around September 18th, Summit Racing has a Truckfest which gets bigger every year. They always have a ton of vendors to talk to, as well as a display for all of the new products for the year. I haven't missed going to that one in 10 years, it is a nice variety of trucks from Ohio Pennsylvania, Indiana and some trucks from other states.

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