Trying to add foglights

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by joefech, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. joefech

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    My goal: buy original takeoffs on ebay or craigslist cheap. Go to the dealer to purchase the wiring harness, relay and switch (knowing I will also be paying them to reprogram the bcm)

    I called the dealer. Immediately they tell me nothing is available separately and that the kit is $335, which includes the foglights. I ask again if they can find the harness, switch and relay separately. He says they’re not available separately and that if I install on my own, it’ll void the warranty. So I ask if he means the warranty on those parts I added, and he tells me the entire warranty will be voided because I “modified” my truck. I had him reiterate that if I installed factory parts on my truck that it will void? He said I can’t get them anyway. Hopefully this is an isolated problem with an unruly dealer…
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    Also wanting fog lights

    I want to do the same thing as you, add OE fog lamps. I don't have to worry about the warrenty issue though. Anyways I stopped at AutoZone today looking for the whole set up(assembly, wiring harness, and button) but they only sell the fog lamp assembly for jus under 100 bucks each. I've read a lot of threads on here trying to figure out what i could do and i think i read where most trucks already have the wiring harness installed???not for sure tho. If this is the case it'd be easy get the other stuff online or at a junk yard. I'm definitely not for sure on this and would also like guidence in this issue.
  3. FordAssasin

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    Ok lets see if i can help,If the fogs are not there neither are the wires.But the curcuit is and on my 03 cavalier and 05 Malibu Maxx i just added the fogs and used the factory curcuit for power and just made it look nice when i ran the wires so check the fuse box under the hood and see if you have the curcuit and go from there otherwise if you realy want you can make your own harness and make it NICE always loom any aftermaket wire and use color match zip ties hope this helps let me know
  4. lsutoms

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    i also want to do the same thing but my problem is that i dont have a spot on my bumper to put any... iow i'd have to buy a new bumper... =[ and my dealer in town i have called a couple times about a couple things...

    first thing was the leveling kit and he said as long as it was put on right they'd work with me if i had problems

    second thing was the subs and aftermarket radio and they told me as long as i dont change the stock speakers its fine but changing the radio would void the radio... i dont have a radio yet but if i put one and have problems with something electrical ill put the stock one back in for the time being

    third thing was tires.. they had a 30,000 mile waranty and i went up in size so that waranty's gone...

    point of this is that i still have a waranty just not on certain things...
  5. wadestevens

    wadestevens New Member

    I plan on adding factory fogs on my truck also. I've had the dash apart on my 05 and there is a wire harness allready in there and i also found tied up behind the front bumpet 2 plugs that look like they would plug into the fog lights. My thoughts on this is that g.m. made one harness for all trucks and all options. whatever the truck doesnt have, that plug was left open. I mean if you look at how many options where available (power windows,locks , amps, subs, fog lights etc,etc,etc) , the would have had to come up with hundreds of wire harness combinations to accomidate all those options. have you ever noticed like under your dash why there is several plugs not plugged into anything?????????
  6. Uncle Ed

    Uncle Ed New Member

    Yeah, the stuff is usually there. If your lucky, the BCM portion was not deleted.

    However, many folks hate the BCM cause it won't let you run them w/ high beams, etc. In that case you would just need to bypass or jumper the BCM and they would work whenever you wanted.

    If you go for the stock look but don't want the BCM in the loop, just use a push on / push off switch like the dome light switch instead of the normal 'momentary contact' switch the stock fogs use and wire it accordingly.

    A junk yard dash panel, ebay oem fog lights, dome light switch, small led for the inside indicator and a relay should work nicely.
  7. oohyeah4

    oohyeah4 Member

    Im going to do the same on a 06 silverado Im picking up today...However, my friend just bought an 09 silverado not plain Jane and it did not come prewired for fog lights , he bought the kit from the dealer and I helped him install it wire harness and dont know what to say, if some come with it or his case it did not!
  8. hildy19

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  9. Weezil

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    01 Silverado Fog Lamp Install

    I'm want to install factory fogs on my truck and was hoping someone had an update on this subject. If the wiring harness isn't there how difficult is it to run a wiring harness? Will have have to drill my firewall? Anyone got any used lights or a switch for sale?

  10. TRPLXL2

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    I don't know why you guys go to all the trouble of going with oem fog lights, when your not going to be happy with the light output anyways and all the crap you have to go through. By a set of aftermarket fog lights with a. Pre-terminated wiring harness, and ground the lights, and run a hot wire to your switch and your done!

    Back to the subject now, yes you can make a factory harness very easily. A package of metripack connectors, male and female 16-18 gauge terminals. Special crimpers to crimp the terminals, heat shrink tubing, and a whole lot of wire and anyone can do it. I make the factory style harnesses all the time for my truck, if I can do it anyone can do it!

    As far as the firewall there is only one place I know of that does not require drilling a hole, you can pass a bundle of about 4-16 gauge wires right through the rubber steering shaft boot if your careful. If you decide to drill a hole through the firewall remember one thing, it is a double walled firewall meaning there is a gap in between two panels that is filled with sound deadener so be careful.

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