Trying to fix all the little broken bits ~ 2002 Suburban

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  1. joshuaT

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    Instead of making a ton of new threads, I'll just keep them in here.

    2002 Burb Z71 5.3L

    1. Only one of my 3 a/c adapters in the front work. How do I try to fix them?

    2. Center console. Both a/c adapter and stereo controls don't work. I've been trying to find them locally in junkyards but all trucks in that year are totally stripped out. How can I trace the wire back to fix the cig lighter? I know there's no hope for the stereo unit except for a new one, anyone got a used one they don't need for sale?

    3. My ABS/Parking brake light keeps coming on either while driving or just start up. I've looked on this site and it might be a simple corroded wire.

    If you guys have any help on tricks LMK.
  2. KidHauler

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    Have you checked fuses? I think the front and console outlets are seperate fuses. I don't have the stereo, but that might be fuses too.

    The ABS might be a dirty speed sensor in the front hub.

    Good luck,
  3. bazar01

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    1. Do they really have a/c outlets as in 120 volt a/c? Those are inverters supplied by the battery and it simply converts dc to ac power supply. It's possible the inverters are faulty or could be a missing 12 VDC supply.
    2. same as 1
    3. ABS/Brake lights are coming ON. I would start with cleaning the ground cables under the driver side frame rail, front engine to chassis ground. If that does not fix it, you have to clean all the wheel sesnors. If that still does not fix it, you have to pull the ABS module under the driver side frame rail and either send it out for repair or open it yourself and solder the cold solder joints on the relay pins that are cracked. Soldering the cracked joints fixed my ABS/Brakes issues coming on on the instrument panel.
    Good luck.

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