Tuff Country 2in lift?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Duncan_Z71, Jan 11, 2010.

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    in my opinion the torsion keys are the same as just cranking your torsion bars.. i dont like to crank the bars because i think it wears axles and steering stuff faster and if you crank them make sure to get an alignment.

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    as far as i know the TB keys are supposed to give you lift without killing you ride quality,,, and as for the AAL is gonna give you alot firmer ride in the rear i just took the Tuff Country 2" all out of my reg cab rado becasue i was sick of the bumps just about shooting a disc through my back rest..... i have the tb crank and 3/4 in diff spacers in the rado now the angels are not bad with the spacers... if you go over 2 1/2" in the front is when you being to have problems with your cv's.... in my personal opinion go with blocks or shackles in the rear and save your back but in the end its all personal preference..... but when i go for keys when i have the cabbage i am going with a good friends product on the nation called Suspension MAXX.....


    they are also fully adjustable
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    what exactly are differential spacers? and do i need them with a tb key leveling kit?
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    Well i really dont want to turn up the keys. because have the fact that its said to hurt the cb axles and all. but i dont want to spend 1000 dollars on a 4in lift.

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    Differential spacers are 3/4" bushings that go between your frame and you front differential to drop the diff just a bit to help correct the angle of the cv shaft..... i believe that su suspension maxx kit come with them... it does for the colorado kit but not the 1500 some need them and some dont.... but they are easily made buy a machine shop

    i will also find the pictures of the before and after of my truck with the spacers....
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