Tuner for '08 5.3, AFM problems????

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by RedDmax, Apr 29, 2013.

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    My wife's 2008 Yukon XL has 122k miles on it and has recently started loosing oil somewhere. I have used nothing but Mobil 1 in it since the first oil change and was 2qts low at the last oil change , I measure how much I removed. I usually change it about 6k but this one was about 7500. I had been slack about checking the level it because never had an issue before. I have lost almost 1 qt in 3000 miles since my oil change 5 weeks ago. No leaks in my garage, on the engine and I wiped the inside of the exhaust with paper towel- clean without residue.
    I've been doing some research and people seem to think it could be coming from the AFM. What tuner should I use to deactivate this? I have used tuners before on my diesels but not on a gasser. I'm considering getting an autocal EFI tuner for my Duramax, I don't know if I can load both a gas a diesel on the same tuner, I know you can load more than one diesel on the same autocal EFI controller. Any suggestions on what changes I should make, I did add 1 qt of the High Mileage Mobil 1 and guess I will use that with next oil change. Thanks
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