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Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by blackedoutduramax, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. blackedoutduramax

    blackedoutduramax New Member

    I know there is alot threads out there already on tuners, but not many I could find for LMM's. I am about to purchase the Banks Economind powerpack and the Banks Air Intake with the Ram Air Scoop. Just want to make sure this is a wise choice??
  2. Buckem

    Buckem New Member

    Oh boy, how did the Banks work out for ya? Love my Edge Race makes the ol'LMM come to life!
  3. blackedoutduramax

    blackedoutduramax New Member

    So far I have only been brave enough to put it on the 3rd setting which is only two over stock. And there is a definite difference in power. I haven't been able to get the EGT sensor installed yet because I haven't figured out how to drill and tap the manifold. Fourwheel parts say that they do it with it on the truck, but i don't see how you do it like that with out getting shavings falling inside. And to get the manifold off you need the special Star sockets. Any suggestions? Once I get that done I will venture past the 3rd setting.
  4. ippielb

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    EFI Live, probably the best program you can ever buy for the duramax engine.
  5. blackedoutduramax

    blackedoutduramax New Member

    Im not an expert on it, but everything I have read and researched. Shows that the Banks is the best all around Tuner for any vehicle. Meaning safest on engine and trans.. And still plenty of horsepower and fuel mileage gains. I have heard many good things on the EFI live as well, but I have also heard many stories of trans., engine, and code issues that have come up down the road from the tuners.
  6. 1st Synthetics

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    One note to all of you on this subject. The Allison trans is not designed for additional HP. You can go about 90HP over stock but I would recommend not even going to level 3 on the Edge unit(I have the edge juice w/ attitude). I do not know the power settings on the Banks units but make sure you do not go 90HP over stock without doing some trans work. The Allison is a bullet proof trans stock but you can easily break it with over tuning. I would hate to see any of you lose a trans.

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    I installed mine on the truck. What I did is make sure the truck is running so the pressure pushes out where you are drilling. I had a shop vac running to pull the burrs out wile I drilled. I put just a tiny bit of grease on the tap to hold burrs and still used the shop vac wile tapping. I am confident no debris got into the manifold.

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