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  1. Ok so i finished the install sunday and everything seems to be flawless.

    i tried tuning the amp with a DMM. im running a 600W rms amp @ 2ohms to the 2 Subs (300RMS ea.) so the calculation should be 600 * 2 = 1200 (sqrt of 1200 = 34.64) so i tried tuning the gain to get 34.64v on the DMM.. does this sound right?

    this is what i did

    i had all the settings on the stock head unit at 0 (bass, trebble, fade..etc.) and the remote base boost control on 0db, and gain set down and freq high and had a 50hz/0db cd playing to test with the DMM.. got it to as close to 34.64 as possible without going over.. anything sound wrong? ( the subs wires were disconnected from the amp and the DMM was inserted in their place.)

    i have the amp hooked to the back speakers so when i use the 50hz/0db CD i can hear it playing.. which im not sure is good for my stock speakers but i have no other way of doing it since its getting the signal from the back speakers.
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    What head unit are you useing? What's the Volt output on the RCA's? What's a DMM? What amp are you useing?
  3. Im using Stock head unit
    Where can i find out the RCA output voltage?
    DMM= digital multimeater
    pioneer gm-d8500m
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    Where are you getting the signal for the amp? Are you useing a High to low converter? The Voltage is around 1-2 if that..So the Gain should NOT be turned up unless you are useing a High volt output aftermarket radio.

  5. im getting the signal from the back speakers.. i dont have a LOC since my amp has the speaker level input for the signal.

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