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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by dadngt, Feb 9, 2012.

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    When I bought my truck a couple years ago I was getting about 19 mpg now over the course of 1 year I have dropped to 14mpg After having a new replacement airfilter (planning to get a K&N soon, Nitrogen in the tires (replaced with air filled now), & a single flowmaster 44 series muffler turned down at the axle. I thought the poor mpgs was from the tires but I found a new set & still getting the same mpg, So I'm thinking my exhaust choice was not the best. What suggestions should I do now? Lose the turndown & run the pipe out the back? Get a different muffler? I've been thinking about getting the truck tuned but I don't know anything about it. I do know some performance shops out of town but would like some heads up info before I go talking to them. I don't really want to buy a programmer because I probably wouldn't know how to use it. Thanks

    also on a side note anyone know how to fix the tpm on the tires after you have moved them arround? I don't really want to take it to the dealership if all they have to do is pump the gas 3 times lol.

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    Regarding your Question on Tunes...... Below is a Link to Black Bear's Web Site, the FAQ Section.......you should be able to find out most if not all of your Questions regarding how Custom Tunes go/work.....

    Black Bear Custom Tunes,

    Edit.....if you could please post in your Sig some Specs on your Truck.....Year....Model......Engine......it really helps us help you....
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    And for the TPM there should be a guide in your owners manual how to do reset it your self. Not sure what year your truck is but its fairly easy
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    Thanks for the help & sorry about the vague information. Should have everything in the signature now :)

    I checked the owners manual & in the part about tire rotation said I need to take the truck to a dealer to have the sensors reset.
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    No you can do it your self I also have an 07. With the key in the on position push the trip knob and scroll thru settings there well be on that says re learn tire position the horn will honk and start at front driver tire depress valve stem for 2-3 seconds and release once it recognizes it the horn will honk once and the right front turn signal will come on then do the same with each tire once you make it all the way around it will honk 4 times and all should be good . I do this everytime I rotate my tires which is 7-10k miles. If you want I can copy the pages out of the book and send them to your email.
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    jrlawre80 Thanks, depressing the valve stem is the same as letting a little air out right? You don't have to copy the pages we most likely have the same book f you knowthe page number that would be ok but I'll look through my book. Thanks again
  7. jrlawre80

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    Yeah you can add a little air or let a little out and mine was under the tire rotation section I think ill look next time I go out there
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    Poorer fuel quality in especially recent years is one of biggest contributors to lower fuel mileage... and it gets worse as temps drop! Ethanol blends hurt, not help. Do not "oversize" your exhaust; oversizing a stock system with no upgrades to produce more power drop your torque... exactly what you need in a daily driver truck. The factory designs are very efficient in modern vehicles though you can sub a straight-thru muff like a Magnaflow of same diameter to up the flow a bit, though you won't feel it in the butt dyno. If your injectors are crudded up, cleaning them can help; try running through several tanks of fuel with Techron and then check your mileage.

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