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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by SCOTT9623, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. SCOTT9623

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    I have a major question about my truck. I have a 81 blazer with a 5.7 motor, turbo 350 trans, 208 transfer case and a 12 bolt rearend with 3:08 gears. I have had to replace the rearend 3 times and shortly after replacing the rearend i have to get my trans rebuilt again for the 3rd time. This time it lasted about 3 yrs with 1 yr down time and 2 yrs of drive time i do not play in the mud at all or hot rod the truck. I was wondering if the output shaft of the transmission being shorten {cut} to fit in the 208 transfer case be a problem of any sort
  2. SCOTT9623

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    The rearend was the first to go when the bolt broke that holds the pinion shaft in and then the pinion shaft hit the pinion gear and broken a tooth off of it. Drove it a year and a half like that. Replaced rearend then the transmission broke had it rebuilt. Then the ring gear on the new rearend broke a tooth on it and every now and then either the transmission or the rearend would lock up until i would roll backwards after that i had know problem with it for a while. Then i replaced the rearend again and a coulpe of months later had to have transmission rebuilt again. Found that rearend was already broke and replaced rearend again. 4 months later i lost 2nd and 3rd gear with no tell tell signs just want shift out of 1st gear repalces filter and fuild and check the governor still want shift out of 1st gear
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    Which failed first? Tranny or axle? Which part caused the failure? I don't see how a change in the output shaft could cause an issue unless there is another issue with the shaft. Like is it bent or damaged in some other way.
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    Are you getting the trans and axle rebuilt at the same place each time?
    This sounds like a very high failure rate, I've thoroughly abused the same drive train set-up on a couple different Chevy trucks and never had as much of a problem as you seem to be having.

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