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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by kburb, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. kburb

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    i am really liking the idea of a burban with a TURBO. So with some help from a drag racer friend of mine i think i am gonna remote mount a turbo. Planning on using a turbo from a diesel truck, it will be oil cooled and spool much quicker than a cars. figured i put about 500 into parts plus the turbo.

    i know this is a stretch but has anybody done this before remote mount or not and if so how much boost did you run and what was the results, i am thinking of 5 to 10 lbs of boost should give me about 100hp.

    i know what yor thinking "why a turbo and remote what" but i just couldnt do another supercharger and anyway turbos sound better. I am gonna remote mount the turbo at the end of my Y pipe so i dont trash the $700 bks worth of headers i just put on and run the pipes back to the intake. im not looking to do this anytime soon as my daughter has just graduated for college and my sons k10 is almost ready to hit the road. hoping for next summer to ge started.

    Any ideas or comments would be great. thanks
  2. Springthing

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    Hey, kburb,

    Have a quick look at Hinson Super Cars. I don't know that they'd be able to able to help you but it might be a good start if you strike out here.

    Look at this video here. It's a *little* newer than your burb but....cool. :)
  3. Land Shark

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    That Burb is bas a$$ !
  4. azdrtdog

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    Nice burb. My first thought is good plan But.... I couldn't help noticing that that might be a off road veeehikle and all that extra intake tubing (I assume you will mount it below and back) and the thought of a tube blowing off at high load maybe bogging or water crossing will put your'e intake below the mud/water line Just a thought
  5. kburb

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    yea i thougth of that also but the burb is more of a mall crawler, i have a 80 k10 fro the dirty work.
  6. azdrtdog

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    Then give er hell, I have spent countless hours on builds just to do them for the sake of accomplishment knowing that it would be different the next time. So dont fall in love with the headers (there are F%&king nice though) And remember BIG BLOCKS don't leave home without one
  7. silveradotrailblazer

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    Check out NelsonPerformance.com
  8. kburb

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    yea i actually thought of putting a 6.0 from a new a truck but did not want to deal with the drive by wire gas peddle. i am gonna aquire some parts over the winter and start next spring, i will post some pics on the build as soon as i can figure out how to post more than 10

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    Azdrtdog - love the tahoe, how hard was the SAS?

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