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Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by Quad racer#212, May 6, 2012.

  1. Quad racer#212

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    I’m looking at doing a turbo swap on my 96 dually. But I can’t find any info on the swaps. I was told the holset turbo hx35 and hx40 will fit. What will have to be changed to make these turbo’s work on my dually? ​
  2. Asphalt Animal

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    Going to largely depend on whether or not you use one with/without a wastegate and if so, what psi it is set to. The computer is going to try and regulate boost no matter what, so if you are looking to build more than the stock 7-10 range you're going to need to reprogram the PCM to allow more, if it can't dump the boost via the control solenoid (dropping vacuum to the wastegate), it's going to defuel to prevent it from over boosting. You'll have a couple extra psi to play with above the 7-10 range; but if it wants to regularly run higher, and you don't "fix" it to keep it in stock range, it will likely keep throwing over-boost codes.

    The stock GM-8 you have will easily produce more boost if it's reprogrammed and you throw a bigger exhaust on the truck and lower restriction filter. More boost without remapping the fuel rate and injection timing is pretty much a waste. Don't waste your time with any sort of Ebay specials as a means to do this either.
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    Asphalt animal said it nicely. If your going to upgrade the turbo it's a must to get a re tune. I prefer a waste gate on a desiel, for performance reason and they sound awesome. Upgrade intake and exhaust before the tune as well so you can get the proper flow
  4. RallySTX

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    Plus 1 on what they said. I would do the flow upgrades first, just to see if that doesn't solve your immediate thirst for thrust! Diesel engines work best without backprressure, unlike gas motors.
    Brian L.
  5. Quad racer#212

    Quad racer#212 Rockstar

    Thanks for the info guys

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