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  1. CarpenterGuy

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    A good friend of mine, who has a mustang cobra with over 600 HP (he did all the work himself), told me that i should get a turbo for my truck. I told him no way because i like the gas mileage i have right now. THEN he told me it wouldn't hurt my mileage, and could even help it a little. How the heck does that work? does he speaketh the truth?
  2. Doberman

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    I've been looking at a supercharger for my truck. And I've done quite a bit of reaserch on it. I must say that your friend is correct. HOWEVER I believe that the equasion for supercharging of any kind is something like this.....(Stock HP + Supercharger) = lead foot (squared) ..... This usually translates to a decrease in fuel economy BUT a big increase in FUN..LOL!

    Still if you can manage the urge to gun it all the time, you should get better economy. But I'm not sure if it would be worth the cost of the turbo system, to get it only for fuel economy. Here is a link that might be usefull :happy:


  3. CarpenterGuy

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    i would love a turbo/supercharger. the only thing that's been holding me back was the gas milage. my truck's a daily driver so i dont want to do anything that will hurt fuel economy. i would love the extra power though. another thing holding me back from a turbo is the transmission. i know a stock tranny can only take so much gain in hp. I would probobly have to get a new tranny wouldn't I?
  4. dwill3015

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    I know this video has been posted on here before but awesome turbo video

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmv0C2jwEtQ"]YouTube - Parish and his Turbo Truck Street Racing - 1320Video[/ame]
  5. ct9a

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    That is a bad ass video, I remember seeing that a while back and wanting it soooo bad.

    The cool thing about forced induction is that you can control how much boost you're pushing into the motor. Different styles of super chargers, pulleys, etc. and different size turbos, waste gates, etc. If you stay fairly mild you can get a decent HP/TQ increase without putting unnecessary stress on the truck.
  6. bzboardco

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    If you tow things you could help your mph Towing + More Horsepower + Less Motor Stress + Lower RPM = Better MPH
  7. Doberman

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    I think it would all be realated to your driving habits. At 6-8 lbs of boost you should notice some very good HP and Torque. Just avoid the urge to spin the rubber all the time. Even a normally aspirated engine will decrease the life of your tranny if your heavy footed.....like me :happy: ..... As was mentioned in this thread by "bzboardco" Supercharging would significantly improve towing capabilities. I personally think its a great mod if your looking for more power, the fuel economy might be a small added bonus...or selling feature to convince your self that you reeaally need it. LOL!

  8. CarpenterGuy

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    Lol, the extra MPG is my selling point with my mom (i'm a month from 17) and i do alot of towing/hauling. I saw somewhere that a guy dropped a 2500HD tranny into a 1500. AND are you saying that if i just keep the boost down a little that i can keep my stock tranny?
  9. 04sierracrewcab

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    How much would a setup like this cost?
  10. CarpenterGuy

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    Uh, maybe about 4K for the turbo kit only. add another 3-6k for the tranny (i think).

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