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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by the phantom, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Found this and thought I would share.

    How does the elements effect it?
    How expensive is it or Return on Investment? Doubling fuel milage is impressive though.
    How dependable is it and is it of quality components?

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    This dude is about as dry as well seasoned timber. I've seen 100,000 guys like him, he needs some spit and polish on his presentation to grab people's attention and let us know that he's not some co'ok who's not thought his system out fully. I mean, if GM had worries about fires from overheating the battery in hot climates (like where I live), I know this guy's not done the research himself. Plus, do you really want to be rear-ended with all of those batteries sitting in the trunk of your car? lol
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    On the surface, it looks pretty innovative. The big question (IF the claims made on this video are true and it TRULY cuts fuel consumption by half, which in and of itself is a tall order) How much would a system like this one cost, and how many miles would you have to drive with the unit functional in order for it to pay for itself? Also to consider... this is clearly a "plug-in" system, meaning that you have to charge it from household current. The system is not regenerative. What will be the cost of charging the battery, and how long will the battery run the system before it drains? 1 mile? 40 miles?

    Depending on the charging requirements of the battery, it might be possible to use a DC to DC converter to create the 90 volts you would need to charge the 80 volt battery system from the vehicle's alternator while in operation. At the least, the high amp alternator and DC to DC converter alone can be rather spendy.

    So again, how many miles would you have to drive it before the system will have paid for itself in fuel savings before seeing a return on your investment? Let's assume that you can buy the kit for $5,000.00. At 3.60 per gallon of fuel, you could buy 1388 gallons of fuel. You would have to drive the vehicle BELOW 45 miles per hour a total of 25,000 miles just to break even on the cost of the thing. This means that if your driving is 50% done on the highway, you would have to drive 50,000 miles before the unit would actually pay for itself. This assumes that the unit is trouble free for those 50K miles and needs no repair.

    Maybe a better idea is to buy a small, 26/32mpg car off of Craigslist and drive it half of the time. that way, if one of your vehicles breaks down, you still have the other one running until you get the first one fixed. LOL!

    All of that being said, it is pretty cool!
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