Turn signal/ headlight woes

Discussion in 'Chevy Uplander & GM Minivan Forum' started by Speedball, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Hello every one. Im likely only going to be a one time poster on here as I doing this to help out my Land lady. Im normally on Fieroforum.nl and GPONA.com because I own a 2006 Grand prix and an 85 Fiero. But my land lady has tasked me with figuring out a problem with her chevy uplander. I figured the issue was weird enough you guys would be the only ones to talk to. Essentially the headlight portion of the switch functions properly. However when the headlights are in the off position. She claims when she turns the turn signal in either direction and some times it doesnt happen the driver side head lamp with come on until the turn signal is turned off. She says at night it doesnt effect the headlight. Nothing dangerous like turning it off. She just wants to get it delt with because although its not a real hazard and technically it will pass inspection in Texas its sketchy and would be better if it worked properly. Alright thanks guys. I was guessing it needs a new turn signal switch assembly but wanted to consulted some uplander people before making the guess.
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    It may be designed to operate like that. I know that the new traverse turns the daytime running headlight off on the side that the turn signal is on during the day. I think that it is so other drivers can see the turn signal functioning.

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