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    I was hoping you guys can help me out. I did search the forum but didnt quite find the answer I was looking for.
    My turn signals quit working the other day while I was sitting at a light. The brake lights and emergency flashers all still work fine. If the flasher was bad wouldnt the light just stay on and not flash? Do the turn signals use the same flasher as the emergency flashers? If not where is the turn signal flasher?
    I'm thinking the turn signal lever/switch in the steering column could the be issue, any help would be great.
    Its on a 95 suburban 4x4 1/2ton if any of that matters
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    On my 93 the turn signal flasher is on the fuse panel that is mounted to the firewall in the driver's side footwell on the interior.

    The hazard flasher is a separate flasher that is mounted in a bracket under the dash to the left of the steering column. I was able to locate the hazard flasher by turning it on and following the "tink, tink, tink"

    The Autozone website lists the location of the 95 burb flasher in the same area under dash on the left side of the column.

    btw, as a safety feature GM used a flasher that would blink faster when a bulb was out. A "heavy duty" flasher removes this feature.

    The other components that are in the signal circuit are: the brake light circuit and the turn signal switch.

    Usually, the hazard and signal flashers are the same type. You might be able to swap the flashers and see if they problem follows the hardware or stays within the circuit.

    :sign0016:And let us know what fixes your trouble.

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