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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by expediter, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. expediter

    expediter New Member

    HELP !! I blew my turn signals and brakes lights.. The emergency flashers works. I roll a 1999 Silverado 454ci. 4x4 dually.Where do I find the fuses? or what do I do to fix this??
  2. stephan

    stephan Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    I think 96 & up have 2 fuse boxes. One is under the left side of the dash & there is a second one out under the hood. There should be a page in your owners manual that will guide you to the particular fuses. Hope this helps..
  3. expediter

    expediter New Member

    your reply is appreciated Stephan.. You were close.The fix for the turn signal's was the fuse box located on the end of the dash, drivers side.Owned the truck for near-on two years and never noticed the small door.. The fix for the brake lights was, putting the 30 amp fuse where it belonged in the fuse box under the hood drivers side lol..I took the fuse out yesterday ,cause I saw it had blown.I put the replacement in the wrong position hmmmmmmmmmm
  4. stephan

    stephan Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    lol, that stuff happens. Glad you got it fixed. My nephew once switched his start relay on his rice grinder into a blank hole & couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start cuz it worked fine before he touched it :)

    ** did you figure out why the fuse was blown? If not, then it may happen again.

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